Czech Puppy


Czech Puppy OrgTeam

Sometimes also Czech Puppy Play Team, it's simply said a pack of Czech dogs and their friends who like to organize events for other Czech puppies, help them, or also like to introduce the Czech dog community to other Czech and foreign associations.

The main focus is of course the annual organization of the Czech Puppy election, which has been held since 2017, as well as the support of the Czech titleholders during their year. They are also dedicated to other events and activities for the community.


Org team of Czech Puppy 2024


Head organizer


Promo & IT


Candidates & backstage


Photographer & side events


Script & host


Merchandise & controlling


Translations & assistence


Newsletter & assistence

Regular partners


The website is dedicated to all fans of dog-training and pup-play. It has been operating since the year 2011 and thanks to the discussions and calendar it became the main source of information about the community.

Jsem-Pes provides a place for potential prelimitary round of the Czech Puppy election.

Club Kotelna

Club Kotelna organizes various fashion shows, concerts, happenings, rents out the premises and sound system, during the events operates as a restaurant.

Kotelna has been providing facilities for Mr. Puppy CZ and Czech Puppy and other community events since 2018.

Club Heaven

Club Heaven is the most modern friendly music club in Prague, where you can expect unforgettable atmosphere, amazing lighting, excellent sound system, 2 bars and erotic shop.

Heaven provides facilities and support for the Czech Puppy Warm-Up party and other events of the dog community.

Prague Bears

Prague Bears is an association of bears organizing many different events, like Bigger party, visits to a sauna, many excursions and also Mr. Bear Czechia election.

Prague Bears provídes their #bearDJs for the Warm-Up Party event in Club Heaven as well as other support and puppy orgs happily give back.