Czech Puppy


Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the answers provided here are for quick reference only. The exact and binding information on the election process and voting can be found only in the Rules.

Who can apply?

A person can enter the Czech Puppy competition if:

  • is over 18 years of age
  • is fluent in Czech or Slovak
  • feels he/she is a Czech dog, bitch, puppy or other canine
  • does not hold the title Czech Puppy or Mr. Puppy CZ
  • is not a current holder of any other gay/fetish/kink title
  • has not participated in the jury selection for the election

So it doesn't matter more or less about age, race, gender or nationality. It is enough to be an adult, to feel part of the Czech pupplay scene, know how to get along with it and have no conflicting obligations.

How can I apply?

Registration for the election can be submitted by email to from September 1 to September 30.

Be sure to include everything that is required for your application to be accepted.

Co musí přihláška obsahovat?

The application must contain:

  • your name (or its pronunciation if it is not intuitive)
  • age and city of residence
  • the pronouns she uses for her gender identity
  • photograph in dog equipment
  • email and phone contact
  • Telegram and WhatsApp contacts if he has them and is willing to use them during the preparations
  • username on Instagram and Twitter, if he has them and wants to associate them with his dog identity
  • a brief motivational text as to why you want to become a title holder

So the last change is that the application form no longer needs to contain a human name, but we would like to hear from you social media contacts if you have them and want to use them. And don't worry, phone and email contact we won't tell anyone, those are for organizational purposes only.

What has changed for the 2024 election?

The rules are divided into a fixed part and a variable part - terms and places - and the is listed in the Appendix. So be sure not to change it.

We no longer ask for a human first name on the application form, but we would like to know what pronouns you use. A we also want Telegram and WhatsApp contacts in the application form, which we asked for after the fact anyway.

Karaoke, or barking and howling to music, is cancelled because, in our in our opinion, it has exhausted its possibilities. Look forward to questions from the moderator instead.

The rules go into a little more detail about the voting and introduce the role of the Tally Master, or chairman of the jury.

Although it probably won't be used much, the rules already cover the possibility of when a holder would need to step down. They also clarify the position of the Runner-Ups when the holder withdraws.

And a few other changes that are rather minor and just clarify some points or exceptions. Definitely read the Rules. Don't rely on knowing them from last year.

What disciplines will there be?

Disciplines that can be used to show the Czech Puppy's soul are:

  • Jury Interview
  • Cross Country
  • Free Act Discipline
  • Questions from the moderator

So the last change is that you don't have to get ready for karaoke anymore, but rather think about the community, its problems, your plans, or what your favorite toy is. Who knows what the moderators and the audience will be more interested in.

Who decides on the new holder?

The new title holder is decided jointly by a vote of the audience on election night and a jury vote. One vote by anyone present at the election night, with the exception of the jury, which has its own method. The jury, consisting of the current Czech holder and the foreign holders invited by him, decides by a more complex scoring system based on various criteria. This is described in more detail in the Rules.

The tallying of the votes is then overseen by a foreign Tally Master or the jury chairman.

Members of the organising team are therefore only able to influence the voting and the outcome to the extent that any spectator - with one spectator vote.

Does Czech Puppy have to go to the European round?

No. Of course, we would like our holder to represent the Czech community abroad. Duties of the holder can be very demanding. Therefore, we do not force a Czech holder to run for European Puppy just a few months after being elected Czech. The new Czech Puppy can then devote a whole year undisturbed to the Czech community, gathering experience, acquaintances, and gaining insight into what's going on.

This experience can then be a great advantage in the next election of a European Puppy. But as said, the duties of the holder can be demanding, and we don't blame the holder if, after the title has been handed over decides not to stand in the European round.

But if we go back to the word "go" rather than run, then the holder, the runnerup and everyone petplayer is encouraged to go to the Darklands at least once and watch the European round. It is an unforgettable experience.

What if I have more questions?

Send them by email to and we will try to answer them as quickly as possible. And if the question is interesting, we may well add it to this page.