Czech Puppy


What is Czech Puppy?

The Czech Puppy Contest, formerly the Mr. Puppy Czech Republic, is a community choice of a representative of the dog community, who then holds the title of Czech Puppy for the following year. The holder of the title usually represents the Czech dog community, inspires it, organizes events or projects, but the specific activities depend on the holder and may decide the election.

History of Puppy title

The Puppy title came to Europe across the ocean from America, where it was created for the growing puppy play community with the help of the more experienced leather community. From the beginning the title was run as International Puppy for both men and women. Two years later, the title of International Handler was added for the "dog owner" and the contest is known as the International Puppy and Handler Contest or IPAHC.

Another breakthrough year was 2015, when IPAHC was won by a dog not from the United States for the first time, but in this case from British Columbia, Canada. This was also the first year that only the winner of the state round can compete in the international round. And most importantly, this was the year that the competition went to Europe.

In Europe, the competitions were created based on the experience of the Mr. Leather and Mr. Rubber elections, which were elections of representatives of the leather and rubber communities, and therefore they were created as Mr. Puppy for men only. The first European elections were Mr. Puppy UK and also Mr. Puppy Europe, organised by the same team as UK but as part of the Belgian fetish festival Darklands.

Gradually, national rounds appeared, including the Czech one in 2017. Originally, the elections were created as Mr. Puppy, but following the US model and gender liberation in general, they gradually opened up to all genders. After a covid hiatus in 2021, the European election was opened to all genders, plus it incorporated the choice of the best owner and the era of the European Puppy and Handler Contest or EuroPAHC began.

Puppy in Czech Republic

Our first representatives were supposed to be Igy and Akim at the first Mr. Puppy Europe in 2015, but due to their bad luck during the trip to Antwerp they could not attend. In 2016 only Akim competed, unfortunately without placing. Igy switched to the role of candidate trainer and in the next year to the role of organizer of Darklands' dog play area, so called Camp K9. The same year he became the organizer of Mr. Puppy Czech republic, to make good use of his previous experience from abroad and from being the former organizer Mr. Leather Czech republic.

In the autumn of 2017 the first election in the Czech Republic took place, specifically in Brno, where Hack became the first Mr. Puppy of the Czech Republic. A year later, the election moved to the Kotelna club in Prague and Ritchi became Mr. Puppy Czech republic 2018, and a few months later, he was the first Czech representative to place in the top three of the European competition and won the title of 1st Runner-up Mr. Puppy Europe 2019. At the same time, he became the youngest dog at that time to be elected Runner-up. Years later, Ritchi again showed his qualities as puppy representative when he was elected International Puppy 2023.

Dark, Mr. Puppy Czech republic 2020, was elected after the organizers changed the year counting, therefore no one is the titleholder of 2019. At the same time, unfortunately, his title period was influenced by the pandemic of Covid-19 and the election of the titleholder 2021 had to be cancelled. In 2021, Mr. Puppy Czech republic election renamed to Czech Puppy to open the title to all genders. The first holder of the renamed title was J-Yit, Czech Puppy 2022.

The last czech titleholder for now is Dasty, Czech Puppy 2023.


A lot of people have the idea that the title is more or less a beauty or popularity contest and that the most likeable contestant is chosen each year. You couldn't be further from the truth. The titleholder is a representative of the community both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He or she should inspire the community, entice newcomers to get involved, organize various reunions or implement their own projects for the future of the community. What the titleholder will do is up to him/her, his/her plans and abilities.

That is why he is carefully selected by the jury and the audience. Such a jury, made up of foreign holders and the previous titleholder, should be able to assess who is best suited for the future of the community, who has clear plans, sufficient ability and, above all, enough charisma for others to follow. Ultimately, though, the audience has a say and how the candidates charm them on and off the stage with their canine personality.